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Blitz Article by Marcus Encel December 2016
Defence against a driving tackle

Blitz Article by Marcus Encel September 2012
The Gang Game - Aikido Stratgies for facing multiple attackers

Blitz Article by Marcus Encel June 2012
A Blending of Truths

Articles below are couresey Of Aiki journal. Many thanks to editor Stanley Pranin for singlehandedly preserving the history of Aikido. Visit his site and support Aiki Journal. www.aikidojournal.com

 Quotes from the founder O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba  
 Saito sensei
 Remenbering Saito Sensei - Stanley Pranin
 Confused fight in the darkness
 Risei Kano
 Abe Sensei
 Hiroshi Tada
 Tomiki Aikido
 Remarkable Japanese
 The path of brush
 Aikido and Weapons




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