New Morning Classes

We have commenced morning classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will be instructed by Gabriel Ung one of my foremost students. He brings a huge amount of energy and commitment to the mat. He has a focuses on helping people achieve their personal goals in the art and is also a fitness fanatic. He will bring that knowledge to the mat. For those wanting basics and fitness this class is for you. Join Gabe for thoughtfully planned and executed classes that cater to individual needs.

Mass Video upload!

We have uploaded videos to our youtube channel – demonstrating skills and techniques. Demonstrated by Marcus Encel and students at the Pure Aikido dojo.

Check out the Pure Aikido Youtube channel here


Australia day Seminar

On Australia Day myself (Marcus Encel), and four students, Rama Cronin, John Quinn, Gavin Liddle and Duncan Eves went to New Zealand for the Aikido Institute of Auckland’s annual seminar. Much fun was had by all. Duncan Francis the head of Aikido institute was a magnificent host, and a professional singer. we were treated to many great evenings there. He is a consummate practitioner of Ukemi (breakfalls) and we were delighted by his demonstrations. I would also like to thank Sensei’s Tony and Greg for fascinating conversation and new friendships made.