Risei Kano

From the preface by then President of Kodokan Risei Kano to the book on Goshin Jutsu written by Kenji Tomiki. Kenji Tomiki is generally recognized as being heavily involved in creating this Kata.)

Kano Shihan made every effort possible to complete Judo as a modern physical education, but could not yet systematize the self-defense aspect of Judo which is contained in the classical Jujutsu even though he did study it deeply. The fact he was very much concerned about the self-defense aspect of Judo is clearly seen from the fact that he sent some of his students to Sensei Ueshiba to study Aiki-Jujutsu and also invited an expert on Jojutsu to Kodokan for a seminar. Some of the self-defense techniques are incorporated into the Kime-no-Kata which is well known to all. After the WWII, quite a few Judokas abroad showed interest in the self-defense aspect of Judo, Kodokan organized a panel to create and publish the Kodokan Goshin Jutsu no Kata.

As stated earlier, since the Kodokan had already started its study, it was fairly easy to reach consensus. The writer of this Book, Prof. Kenji Tomiki has deep understanding of Judo as Prof. of Waseda Univ. and also is an authority on research of Aiki-Jutsu in the light of Judo principles. In formulating the Goshin Jutsu no Kata, he played a leading role in the panel. I am firmly convinced, therefore, that this Book will become the best guidebook for all practioners of the self-defense Judo.”

— Dec. 1958 Risei Kano