Pure Aikido

2011 Gradings

Another great year for Pure Aikido. We had several people achieve Dan ranks this year they were Rama Cronin Nidan, Shannon Owen, John Quinn, Gabe Ung and Gavin Liddle- Shodan. I was very proud of all of you. I didn’t go easy. We also had our yearly award ceremony with Student of the Year going to John Quinn for all his hard training and helpfulness with never a grumble or complaint. He always just keeps going strong. Because he is so self reliant one can forget to show appreciation for the great work put in.

Gabe Ung got the Budo spirit Award for carrying on under adverse conditions, And Armin Fuenror was awarded beginner of the year for great improvement and dedication shown. Lastly Sarah Sabandeja was again given an award this time for Grading of the Year. Sarah is amazing. We are looking forward to an even better year as the dojo grows and the depth of talent grows deeper.